I write because I am called to do it. Everywhere I go, a story presents itself.

I am a novelist because with fiction, I and my collaborators, when I have them can create worlds that test the boundaries of human emotion and physical prowess, borders that clash and sometimes merge. People are amazing creatures and given a set of circumstances from which they can grow and evolve is my passion.

I was born in Nebraska, came of age in Minnesota and made my way to New Orleans in the 1980’s with a few stops in between. I’ve lived in Pass Christian, Mississippi since 1988. The winds and water of hurricane Katrina ravaged the Mississippi Gulf Coast and wider river region taking with it my┬áhome and everything in it, including the nearly finished manuscript of my first novel. This loss and four-year full time migration to the Sangre De Cristo mountain range in Northern New Mexico left me without a sense of place and unable to rewrite the lost story.

For me, life before the storm was a kind of fiction because much of what physically existed no longer does. I am thankful to the community of Angel Fire, New Mexico for opening its heart to me and allowing me to evolve as a writer and reflect my pain and confusion in my search for a new way in a new world, a fictional avenue that takes me home.

Currently, I live part-time between Angel Fire, New Mexico and Pass Christian, Mississippi


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