Just a moment for myself…and millions of other American women!

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A personal note about a certain long term and recently very public anxiety.

I’ve not been feeling well for quite some time now, so I made an appointment with my health care provider. On my way to see her, I had time to reflect. I am thankful to have her in my life, a Healthcare practitioner that has known me now for over a decade. She knows my history, my quirks, and helped me bring my own two daughters through their adolescent years. She is still my elder daughter’s care giver. She knows me and my family. I am fortunate.

Some would say I am blessed.

I drive the curvy Northern New Mexico roads of the Palo Fletchado mountain pass nestled high in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in the Southern Rockies.

I drive with a grateful heart thinking about all the women who aren’t fortunate like I am who don’t have a longtime friend and caregiver and decent health insurance, so instead of just saying a prayer of thanks or carry on as so many do: “I have mine, so what do I care about others?” I vow to actually work with people who share my value and goal to help make more women fortunate like me and continue my support of organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Prayers are but empty vessels unless accompanied by action.

I arrived at my practitioner’s office about an hour later feeling a little better because feeling grateful has that effect.

After some catching up, demonstrative (at least from my end) conversation, and a brief exam, she assured me it’s nothing too serious, certainly not life threatening and gave me her initial diagnosis, and various treatment plans, but suggested more diagnostic testing before moving forward. I was now even more grateful that I’ll be OK.

Life is a gift that can too often be cut short.

I left her office feeling light of heart and stopped at the front desk to pay for the visit. My health insurance covered it and I know it will help cover the follow-up tests. Another moment of thanks.

Money can define the nature and quality of how we live in too many ways.

Now, having had multiple moments of gratitude, I got in my car to drive home. Light of heart with peace of mind, I fumble with my car keys. My phone beeped, so I checked it.

Too often we give in to technology at the behest of our balance.

The screen on my phone informed me that every single thing I felt grateful for that afternoon was in jeopardy. All the blessings I felt were in danger of disappearing because of lies and conspiracies!

 “Obamacare (the reason I am insured) must be repealed!”
 “No more Planned Parenthood!” The only healthcare option I will have if they take my insurance away.
 “Religious freedom allows corporations to decide if female employees can or cannot use birth control!” Which, by the way, treats my health issue.

And now, some lunatic fringe wants to shut down the entire US government to try to take all these things that I am so fortunate to have away from me!

This is personal because it is my reality. This is why I oppose the oppressive Republican Party, especially those on the fringe who are hell bent on ruining my and millions of other women’s lives.

This is the reality of today’s American woman.