Just a side note on Net Neutrality

Dear Chairman Wheeler,

I am pleased to hear today that you are embracing Title II principles in reference to net neutrality.

I am a freelance independent published writer and novelist and I depend greatly on fast, dependable internet services for my work. My voice and art would be silenced without net neutrality because being independent, I cannot afford to avail myself of more expensive fast-track access should net neutrality disappear.

In the name of free expression, creativity, speech and information, I implore you to maintain and harden net neutrality rules. In the name of the arts, literature, words, and ideas, I implore you to celebrate America’s diversity and intellect, ensure a bright, verdant future and stand strong for us, the American entrepreneur and independent creative enterprises. Stand strong FOR the AMERICAN WAY. Stand strong for NET NEUTRALITY!

Yours truly,
J.L. Koszarek, Author

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